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Yahoo to add Rich Media in search

Specilaists cautious over Yahoo’s rich media in seach plans, which have already been proven to yield 25% higher click thru. DOH! And no one mention Google.


Corporate Hall of Shame

 Corporate Accountability International (a USA based corporate campaigning group) is asking for nominations for the corporate hall of shame.

Previous winners have included retailer Wal-Mart and oil company ExxonMobil

This time, Nestlé, Toyota and Mattel are some of multi-national companies that been nominated for the most abusive companies of the year.

Toy company Mattel, who apparently even lobbied against highly toxic chemical bans (que?) are sited for their infamous two product recalls in 2007, of lead-contaminated toys.

It has also been reported that Nestlé has been nominated for numerous alleged labour violations including child exploitation and for its contributions to obesity (though don’t the over-eaters have a role in that?).

Meanwhile lobbying against increased fuel economy standards to reduce global warming gas emissions has got Toyota in the spotlight.

As we keep saying, marketing works both ways, especially in a social community aware e-world.

VEO Video Engine Optimisation

Web 2.0 social communities caused a natural blip on the marketing biosphere.

“Communities dominate brands” is starting to become a reality, but why wouldn’t it? WOM (Word Of Mouth) or “personal recommendations” as some might call it, have been around since the caveman.

Of course most marketing executives have no idea how to do “social marketing“! They are not social communities and it has a high risk of backfire (as evidenced by many failed Flogs), as independent communities are not controllable. It’s the Ying and Yang of public opinion 😉

So naturally “video”, which is fast becoming a main stay of social networking, is causing more excitement.

Marketing executives like the concept of playing television/film producer and film star and it’s hard to argue that video is not absorbing, persuasive, memorable (sometimes) and seems “credible“.

Problem is, most corporates don’t have a clue as to what their video assets are, so the film the chairman, who is not paid to be charismatic and engaging, and hence, erm, often is not!

Worse of all they try to dress it up in marketing disguised frivolity with weird camera angles, panning shots and often a casual (aka un-scripted and with no actual point or value.

All underpinned by some incredibly cheesey lift music they bought from El Cheapos stock music library, as the couldn’t see the point of paying for quality “background” music (sic) from FMC.

Making a poor quality marketing video, is 1000 times worse than making a poor brochure, advert or sales letter. As we said already, video is absorbing, persuasive, memorable and seems believable. So if you can be seen to be boring or crap, you almost certainly, undeniably, indefensibly are! An videos can spread like wild fire. That’s the wrong sort of video marketing!

It may seem incomprehensible, but if you are going to do a marketing video, you really, realy, need to plan your marketing strategy for it. Better yet pay a specialist video agency to do it for you. Hey you can always blame and fire the agency 😉

And if you ARE a specialist video agency, don’t forget the word “NO”. It is extremely useful when it is suggested the chairman does a piece to camera.

Video is not for the feint hearted. There’s a reason why Hollywood and large film production crews exist.

“Just because you have a web cam, doesn’t mean you can make movies”

“Just because you have a PowerPoint slide show, doesn’t mean you should do video marketing.”

You’re 70% more likely to remember what you SEE and hear! That works both way – LOL.

Creating “inevitable” marketing (part 1)

Creating “inevitable” marketing:

Most old school “brand” marketeers aim for goal based marketing. That is, a campaign with a definable (and measurable) end result.

With so many Continue reading this entry »